Modern Data-Collection Methods Are Lowering Fleet Costs

December 30, 2015 by Justin Stoltzfus, SjStoltz

New tracking technologies are helping fleet owners and operators to save money and manage trucks more efficiently.

A study by a firm called Fleet Advantage finds data analysis is on the rise in the trucking industry, and that it’s yielding specific benefits for companies.

One of the headlines of the study is general savings of more than $4,000 per truck annually, for those large fleet companies that responded to the survey. Nearly half of study respondents manage big fleets of more than 200 trucks each.

There’s also evidence that the use of data analysis in this field has become more widespread: Fleet Advantage found a big increase over five years, where in the initial study, 81 percent of companies had no data analytics framework in place. In the recent survey, 61 percent reported some form of implementation.

The study also found that a resounding majority — 87 percent of respondents — expect data analysis to keep playing a bigger role in trucking.

Look for more on applied data as fleet companies invest in a next-generation model for truck transportation.

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