Clean Trucks to be Awarded $50 Million by California Air Regulators

June 23, 2016 by John O'Dell

Going green will get a bit easier for freight truck owners and trucking infrastructure operators who can qualify for $50 million in clean truck replacement funding being awarded later this summer in the Southern California air basin.

The funds are in the last round to be paid out under California’s $1 billion Proposition 1B bond fund approved by voters in 2006. This final phase follows $52 million in funding awarded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District just two months ago.

Applicants must be truck owners aiming to replace older, diesel-powered Class 6 through 8 trucks and truck refrigeration units with new, clean natural gas, hybrid or zero emissions battery-electric or fuel-cell electric equipment.

Funding also is available for truck stop electrification, electric truck battery charging and hydrogen fuel-cell fueling stations and zero emission refrigeration unit infrastructure, said Fred Minassian, an assistant deputy administration officer with the South Coast district.

The regulatory agency administers air quality programs throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties – the largest air basin in the state.

Funds available for qualified replacement truck purchases include up to $200,000 each for zero emissions trucks, up to $150,000 each for hybrid trucks with some all-electric (zero emission) travel capability, up to $100,00 each for trucks with new ultra-low-NOx (0.02 grams per mile) natural gas engines, up to $80,000 for trucks with standard hybrid power systems and up to $65,000 apiece for trucks with low NOx (0.2 grams/mile) engines.

Qualified applicants will have until June of 2020 to complete the purchase and replacement process – a timeframe intended to endure that the battery electric and fuel-cell trucks the program is promoting will be commercially available, said Minassian.

Funding applications can be obtained online and must be submitted by August 4.

The South Coast air basin managed by the SCAQMD has received 55 percent of Prop 1B funding since the initial awards were made in 2008, said Minassian.

Air quality management districts in the Bay Area and San Diego-Imperial County regions each received 6 percent of the $1 billion in total funding and the San Joaquin Valley district got 25 percent, he said. Each of those districts is handing the final round award process on its own schedule.


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