Honda to Recall 9,200 Ridgeline Pickup Trucks for Rear Wiring Harness Defect

January 05, 2017 by Carina Ockedahl, @Ockis9

Honda will recall 9,179 Ridgeline pickup trucks to fix a rear wiring harness defect that could increase the chance of a collision.The automaker is recalling 2017 Honda Ridgeline all-wheel-drive vehicles manufactured between April 1 and Aug. 11.

These trucks are equipped with a defective rear wiring harness that is susceptible to moisture intrusion. Water could leak in through a wiring connection joint located under the truck bed drain hole and cause the connection terminals to corrode.

Corrosion of the wiring harness could lead to an increase in electrical resistance which could be interpreted by the vehicle’s stability assist system as wheel slippage. This could result in “a decrease of engine torque or brake application to the rear wheel(s),” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“The unexpected and unnecessary application of brake assist while driving may increase the risk of a crash,” the NHTSA said.

No crashes or injuries related to this defect have been reported.

Dealers have already been notified of the issue. The recall is expected to begin January 24.

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