Toyota Recalls 73,000 Tundra Pickup Trucks to Repair Bumper Defect

January 25, 2017 by Carina Ockedahl, @Ockis9

Toyota Motor North America has issued a safety recall for approximately 73,000 Tundra pickup trucks in the U.S. because of a potential defect in the corner rear step bumper reinforcement brackets.

The truck recall affects 2016 and 2017 model year versions of the truck.

Both the rear step bumper and the corner reinforcement brackets on these vehicles are made of resin. If a collision impacts the corner of the bumper, the resin brackets could become damaged and break away, possibly injuring someone. The damage to the bracket may not be noticed right away, the automaker said.

“If a person steps on the corner of the bumper that is damaged, a portion of it may break away, increasing the risk of injury,” Toyota said.

To fix the issue, mechanics will replace the reinforcement brackets with news ones made of steel. The rear bumper tread covers will also be replaced.

Owners will receive a recall notification starting in mid-Feb.

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  1. Brandon

    Can anyone tell us what the new part numbers will be. I just purchased a new 2017 Tundra Platinum but they will not let me take delivery of it until this problem is fixed but no one at the dealer seems to have any info. Sucks spending 54K on a truck and not being able to drive it home. The dealer is saying it could be up to 4-6 weeks which is not acceptable! Any help is appreciated. The dealership where my truck is being held hostage is Santa Cruz Toyota

    • Nick

      Yes, Get any money back that you put down on it. They can’t do the paperwork on it till it clears the recall. I did the same thing and got my deposit back. Wait until the 2018 comes out with the Refresh. Why buy a 2017 when it’s already outdated!!

  2. Steve

    Having exact same issue in Texas with a purchased but not delivered 1794 Tundra. Cannot get any information from dealer.

    • JC

      Same boat. Just got word from Toyota. 90 day hold at port to fix issue. Going truck shopping again….

  3. Janice

    Plastic Brackets vs Steel is the norm now ?? Not sure what the plastic bumper design wonder what other issues with plastic vs steel.

  4. Gary

    Big DITTTTTO. made deal on 23 Jan, was picking it up next week and said cant take delivery ??? let me take delivery and fix it when part is available ?? or is this MORE serious than they are letting on ??going in on Wed,, CANCEL the deal

    • Roy

      I purchased a 2016 Tundra and drove it home, had it almost two weeks and they called me and told me to bring it back for the recall. no idea when the fix will be meanwhile my 1st payment is coming soon and I’m not driving it.
      They were not supposed to let it leave the lot.

  5. David

    I called Toyota’s 800 number 1-800-331-4331 press 4 then 2 and you will get a associate. When I talked to him he was not aware of any hold up issues on the Tundra’s. I gave the VIN number and he said that they will look into the hold up. I told him that there are a lot of disgruntled buyers and they are going to lose future sales if the problem is not rectified soon. I suggest that anyone who has their Tundra’s on hold to call and lodge a concern. The more they hear from us hopefully they will get the issue resolved. Hopefully it’s just the bumper and them not telling us about a more serious problem. Remember Squeaky get’s the grease. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Tom Kimbrel

    I, too, want to purchase a 2017 Tundra Limited. The dealer can’t or won’t tell me when a new Tundra will be available and I am very close to going to the GMC dealer. I find it hard to believe that high level Toyota management will not give an answer as to when the Tundras will be available. Something nefarious going on? Or maybe corporate Toyota is gunshy about injury lawsuits. They could at least be honest with their potential customers. How about it Toyota?

    will not give an answer

  7. Judy

    My husband and I were hit by a Waste Management Garbage truck, while driving in our 2013 Tundra, it was totaled out! The Tundra saved our lives!! This just happened on Feb 20th. We went to look at the 2017 Tundra and told about the recall, they could not give us a date when the trucks would be released. So we are now without a safe truck! Hate to buy any other truck! Darn it!!

  8. Mark Lotz

    I bought a 2016 Tundra and got the paper now I have to take the time I have to drive 30 miles to get it fix I have to use my gas I have to put miles that I don’t want to . I should be compensated for that.

  9. Chachi Arcola

    My truck currently is ok, but a friend of mine was picking up a piece of furniture that he bought from a guy on craigslist. The guy was helping him load it and stepped on the rear right bumper only for it to break away and he fell while holding the furniture. The poor guy from craigslist thought he was going to have to pay for the damage, meanwhile, he almost broke his neck! I had heard about the ensuing recall during a free oil change and told my friend about it. The dealer said that they didn’t have the parts to do it and didn’t know when they would. So, I imagine that there’s a bunch of machine shops out there frantically cranking out parts that should have been made of steel in the first place. I cannot believe that they would use such a material for such a critical area. Otherwise, I really love my 2016 tundra limited.

  10. Jim W.

    I bought a used 2016 Tundra 1794 Edition with right rear bumper damage that the dealer said they would fix. They claim (as does Carfax) that the damage is cosmetic. Once I got it home and crawled under to look, it appears the bumper end is cracked and it is more than cosmetic. I wonder how the recall is going to effect my getting this fixed in a timely manner (or if I am going to have a battle with the dealer).

  11. Linda LOOSE

    My grandson fell off my Tundra when stepping on passenger side bumper at 3600 miles on truck. He luckily was shook but not really hurt bad. I contacted Toyota Corporate with no response from them. They had the dealer Tri County Toyota call me. Also had an airbag issue with no satisfaction from dealer or corporate. My bumper fell off while being driven as I had it tied up to drive it. Anyway 6000 miles later I finally get to talk to a corporate rep. They will fix the brackets but not the other damages due to recall items. After all the Fords and Chevy trucks I had no problems. I like my tundra but would never again buy from Tri County Toyota in Limerick Pa. They nor corporate have taken care of this problem

  12. Robert P Colburn

    So I brought my 2016 Tundra crewmax into BOCH Toyota located in Norwood , Mass . To address the recall issue with the rear bumper . My rear bumper was chrome , matching the front bumper , after the recall issue was addressed , my rear bumper is now totally grey in color matching the paint of the truck . I called boch Toyota and was told that’s the way it is . Anybody have similar problem . I wondering if they put the wrong bumper on ?


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