Toyota Motor North America has issued a safety recall for approximately 73,000 Tundra pickup trucks in the U.S. because of a potential defect in the corner rear step bumper reinforcement brackets.

The truck recall affects 2016 and 2017 model year versions of the truck.

Both the rear step bumper and the corner reinforcement brackets on these vehicles are made of resin. If a collision impacts the corner of the bumper, the resin brackets could become damaged and break away, possibly injuring someone. The damage to the bracket may not be noticed right away, the automaker said.

“If a person steps on the corner of the bumper that is damaged, a portion of it may break away, increasing the risk of injury,” Toyota said.

To fix the issue, mechanics will replace the reinforcement brackets with news ones made of steel. The rear bumper tread covers will also be replaced.

Owners will receive a recall notification starting in mid-Feb.

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  1. Brandon

    Can anyone tell us what the new part numbers will be. I just purchased a new 2017 Tundra Platinum but they will not let me take delivery of it until this problem is fixed but no one at the dealer seems to have any info. Sucks spending 54K on a truck and not being able to drive it home. The dealer is saying it could be up to 4-6 weeks which is not acceptable! Any help is appreciated. The dealership where my truck is being held hostage is Santa Cruz Toyota

  2. Steve

    Having exact same issue in Texas with a purchased but not delivered 1794 Tundra. Cannot get any information from dealer.

    • JC

      Same boat. Just got word from Toyota. 90 day hold at port to fix issue. Going truck shopping again….

  3. Janice

    Plastic Brackets vs Steel is the norm now ?? Not sure what the plastic bumper design wonder what other issues with plastic vs steel.

  4. Gary

    Big DITTTTTO. made deal on 23 Jan, was picking it up next week and said cant take delivery ??? let me take delivery and fix it when part is available ?? or is this MORE serious than they are letting on ??going in on Wed,, CANCEL the deal


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