Guess How Many Baseballs this Custom Truck Trailer Holds

July 07, 2017 by Ryan ZumMallen, @Zoomy575M

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. is no stranger to hauling heavy loads across the country.

This summer, the trucking company has taken a new approach to one of its haulers, and guessing the cargo could net you two tickets to the next three World Series.

Old Dominion will unveil a unique clear-window trailer stuffed with sixteen tons of baseballs at the Major League Baseball All-Star Week in Miami, Fla. on Sunday, July 9.

The 28-foot trailer was custom made to include glass panels that will give fans in seven major cities the chance to guess how many balls are inside. Fans can also enter online.

The trailer was constructed by engineers from trucking equipment company Wabash National Corp. It includes 14 panels of Plexiglass that are 2 inches thick and weigh 300 pounds each.

Fully loaded with all of the baseballs, the trailer weighs more than 47,000 pounds and is pulled by a 2018 Freightliner Cascadia. A typical trailer this size weighs only 9,700 pounds when empty.

As part of the “OD Seats to the World Series” tour, the trailer will leave Miami on July 12 and throughout the summer visit each of the seven MLB teams that are sponsored by Old Dominion: the New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels and Kansas City Royals. The trailer will travel more than 9,000 miles along its route.

The sweepstakes ends August 31, and Old Dominion will publicly announce the winner during the 2017 World Series. The winner will receive a pair of tickets to one game in each of the next three World Series.

“The ‘OD Seats to the World Series’ tour allows us to connect with fans across the country, and introduce the Old Dominion brand to logistics and freight managers and baseball fans,” said David Carter, a vice president of Old Dominion.


102 Responses

  1. Ronald Schnepf

    My estimate for the amount of baseballs is 130,870.
    This equates to 1,138 balls per each 2.905 inches of length.
    28 feet x 12 inches = 336 inches, (336 / 2.905) = 115.66
    1,138 x 115 = 130, 870

  2. Dave Mazz

    Notice that the actual interior dimensions of this one-off trailer aren’t provided, so estimates based purely on volume of a typical 28-foot trailor (125,000 and 130,870) may not work. Then there was the “hint” that the baseballs’ weight was 16 tons, but I’m asuming it was a little more than that, so *my* guess is 101,075 baseballs. Oh yes, Rich Davis’ guess (1,024,000) would seem to be a tad high 🙂 🙂

  3. daniel

    102,400 baseballs.. or with a different formula using 64% it could be 160,230 baseballs

  4. Mike Dicker

    Baseball=5.2oz in circumference, pup is 9’x6’x28′, if you work in the freight industry you know 16tons is too much for the weight of the pup… (30k)…

    I come up with 92,307 baseballs ⚾

  5. John Doe

    Frank, that’s cheating. You probably used the same name putting a different email so you could have more than one guess. All in favor of having Frank disqualified say, “I”. I

  6. Tanner

    103,337 baseballs: 47,000-9700(for trailer weight)- 4200(for windows)= 33,100 lbs of baseballs. Avg baseball weight is .3203125lbs. 33,100lbs./.320125lbs. = 103,337

  7. Miranda dennis

    I really really love baseball it would be a honor to get this thank you very much for everything, but my guess is 204,087

  8. James Dennis

    I’m a kid that really wants to be a baseball player. I love the Red Sox especially Justin pedroia so I think this would influence my eager for baseball by experienceing a great ball game! So my guess is 104,788

  9. Kathy Sublett

    My guess is 100,876 baseballs in the truck. If I win, I’ll tell you how I figured it.
    Go Cubs!

  10. Miranda K.

    The standard size of a baseballis 9.00–9.25 inches (228.60–234.95 mm) in circumference, (2.86–2.94 in or 72.64–74.68 mm in diameter), and masses from 5.00 to 5.25 ounces (141.75 to 148.83 g). It is a 28-foot trailer.
    One baseball is about 5 ounces which is about 0.3125pounds. The article states “Fully loaded with all of the baseballs, the trailer weighs more than 47,000 pounds and is pulled by a 2018 Freightliner Cascadia. A typical trailer this size weighs only 9,700 pounds when empty.” You would do 47,000-9,700 which is 37,300 pounds of baseballs. Then you would do 37,300 divided by 0.3125 pounds to get 119,360 balls.
    So overall my guess is 119,360 balls 🙂

  11. Tyler Terbrusch

    My guess is that there are 99,300 baseballs in the trailer of the truck.

  12. Charlie Callery

    I strongly believe that in the Old Dominion Truck, there are 233,892 baseballs. It took a lot of math to figure it out but I’m confident this is the right number.


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