First Look at 4-Door Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Truck

September 07, 2017 by John O'Dell

Electric truck startup Bollinger Motors is expanding its horizons with a four-door version of the battery-electric sport utility truck it plans to bring to market sometime in 2019.

Company founder and chief designer Robert Bollinger promised the four-door when he unveiled the prototype two-door Bollinger B1 in July. Now the company has released the first sketch and a few of the extended-length truck’s details – including a new orange exterior paint color.

The chassis of the four-door version will be nine inches longer than its two-door sibling, while overall length will gain 14 inches to accommodate the rear doors. That gives the four-door model a 114-inch wheelbase and increases nose-to-tail length to 159 inches.

Stretching the chassis increases cargo area by six cubic feet, to a total of 101 cubic feet for the four-door version.

The four-door model will have the same 60 kWh and 100 kWh battery options as the two-door, but the longer vehicle’s heavier weight is likely to result in a slight reduction in range-per-charge. Range for the two-door B1 was estimated at up to 120 miles with a 60 kWh battery and 200 miles for the 100 kWh version.

The changes don’t affect the vehicle’s impressive ground clearance or approach and departure angles. The longer chassis does, however, reduce the breakover angle to 31 degrees, down from 33 degrees in the two-door model. The breakover angle represents the slope of the steepest crest a vehicle can surmount without scraping the underside. Longer wheelbase vehicles typically have lower breakover angles.

Pricing for the B1 models hasn’t been disclosed. Bollinger suggested in July that the two-door would be in the “mid five-figures” after incentives and said the four-door version would be priced higher.

The company, based in the Catskills Mountains community of Hobart, N,Y., still is raising funding and developing manufacturing plans. Bollinger said he plans to begin retail production in 2019.

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