Chevrolet Launches Silverado and Colorado Centennial Edition Trucks

September 28, 2017 by Ryan ZumMallen, @Zoomy575M

General Motors will launch two special edition pickup trucks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet trucks.

The full-size 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Centennial Edition and mid-size Colorado Centennial Edition made their public debut at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on Thursday.

In 1918, Chevrolet launched its half-ton light delivery and one-ton pickup trucks to U.S. customers. Their debut came just months after Ford marked the first-ever pickup truck with its Model TT.

Chevrolet said its first pickup was inspired by vehicles used to move parts from factories and pieces from place to place. It was a rolling chassis featuring an open cab, an inline four-cylinder engine and an open frame allowing customers to install the body that worked for their specific need.

1918 One-Ton – The first Chevy truck, inspired by factory workers who modified vehicles to run parts through the factory.

1918 One-Ton – The first Chevy truck, inspired by factory workers who modified vehicles to run parts through the factory. (Photo: Chevrolet)

Centennial Editions are designed to bring classic style to the brand’s modern line of trucks. Both the Silverado and Colorado versions are swathed in “Centennial Blue” exterior paint and have a redesigned bowtie logo, both inspired by classic Chevrolet trucks of the past.

The Silverado Centennial Edition is available in LTZ Z71 trim and Crew Cab configuration only, with 22-inch painted wheels and all-terrain tires, as well as chrome tow hooks and a spray-in bedliner.

chevy silverado new

Silverado Centennial Edition. (Photo: Chevrolet)

The Colorado Centennial Edition comes in Z71 trim only, with options for Crew Cab or Extended Cab configuration. It also sports the spray-in bedliner, along with a body-color rear bumper and front grille surround. The tow hooks, mirror caps and door handles are all made of chrome.

The Silverado Centennial Edition will be available beginning in October, with the Colorado Centennial Edition to follow in November.

“Today, the Chevrolet truck design studio is focused on purposeful design that creates personality and customization options for a wide breadth of truck customers,” said Rich Scheer, director of Exterior Design for Chevy Trucks. “Looking back on the past century of truck design, I realized that Chevrolet designers have been focused on the same goals since the very beginning.”

Chevy Colorado Centennial Edition. (Photo: Chevrolet)

Other notable early Chevrolet trucks include:

  • 1929 International Series LD: It was the first Chevrolet truck to have a closed cab and launched the interior design of modern pickups. That allowed the truck to provide comfort and style features that are now so important to buyers. The automaker also introduced colored paint schemes with this model. 
  • 1938 Half-Ton: This was the first truck designed in the newly formed Art and Colour department, which was later to be known as Design Center. Harley Earl, General Motors’ first design chief, had a hand in this vehicle. Consequently, it was the first Chevrolet model where styling and design language rather than just basic utility played a role in pickup truck development. This was a lower and longer truck with a styled grille and elegant, swept fenders.
  • 1947 3100 Series: Scheer said he consider thisone of the most iconic designs in automotive history. If you mention a vintage Chevy truck, I think almost everyone will picture this model in their mind.” The model was bigger, stronger and sleeker than previous Chevrolet pickups. “The five-bar horizontal grille is a departure from vertical grilles of the past and was the very beginning of what became a signature of Chevrolet truck design,” he said.

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