Here’s The Next Generation USPS Mail Truck Prototypes

The U.S. Postal Service plans to replace up to 180,000 aging mail trucks over the course of seven years.

That would be an estimated $6.3 billion of business for the five ventures competing to win the giant contract. Already full-scale testing is underway of the prototype delivery vans from which the post office will make its selection.

We have captured photos of three of the five vans, which include an electric vehicle, hybrids and more conventional trucks. Take a look. One of these is likely to be carrying mail in your neighborhood in the next year or two.

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5 Responses

  1. Gordon Glazer

    amazing how the Editors change the flavor of the article with misleading headline. Simple accuracy of “will” vs. “may” look like.

  2. TrueGrits

    An electric mail truck would seem to be a good fit for city and suburban deliveries. They start and return to the same point each day so charging should not be an issue. They can be made simpler and perhaps the braking system can be integrated with the power system to reduce maintenance. From my perspective the best reason to use electric vehicles for this purpose is the reduction in NOISE pollution. Think of NYC with all straight line delivery trucks electric. It would change the whole culture of the city. People would have to pay attention to the cross walk signals! What a boon to traffic movement.

  3. Randall Brock

    I’m a letter carrier, please select the vehicle that sits, closer to the ground!!

  4. Danny Hembree

    The electric vehicles are a must. The most attractive feature about them is that they can be charged from solar arrays and/or wind turbines. Think about our light truck fleets not burning any fossil fuels. That might just pull us back from the brink for a while.


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