Hyundai Recalls Tucson SUVs for Oil Leaks That Could Cause Fires

March 04, 2019 by Alan Adler, @AlanAdler

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 125,000 Tucson SUVs from the 2011-2013 model years because an unrepaired oil leak could damage the engine and cause a stall.

A high-speed stall could increase the chance of a crash and fire, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

The recall follows a 2017 NHTSA investigation that led to a request for Hyundai to look at the Tucson following oil leak and fire issues in 2011-2014 Sonata and 2013-2014 Santa Fe Sport vehicles. About 1 percent of the Tucsons recalled are suspected of having the oil-leak issue.

No one has been injured, and no stalling-related crashes have been reported, Hyundai said.

The oil leak occurred during production at Hyundai’s Ulsan plant in South Korea between March 2010 and December 2012.

Owners could notice oil on ground surfaces after a vehicle is parked, a smell and/or smoke from oil contacting hot surfaces, and a knocking noise from the engine. The vehicle also could suffer from reduced power and/or hesitation. A “check engine” warning light could illuminate.

Hyundai has not found a root cause for the problem. It will tell dealers and customers about the issue on March 29, according to NHTSA’s posting on its website. The NHTSA recall number is 19V-063.

When a remedy is identified, it will be performed for free at Hyundai dealers. Customers who had repairs made before the recall will be reimbursed, Hyundai said.

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2 Responses

  1. Cindy

    I have a 2014 Hyundai Tucson and have experienced oil disappearing and no leaks detected on the ground or smoke out the pipe I have to add 2 qts of oil or more prior to my 3000 mile oil change. Pretty disturbing. I also just had to replace my catalytic converter due to it being plugged up. My car has 123,000 miles and I do see any recall on the 2.0 engine just the 2.4 with the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciative

    • Chriatiana Wallace

      Yes, my vehicle is within that period PCW 1982. From day one when I purchased my Hyundai Tucson I have been hearing a knocking noise and cannot be deceted to date. There are many other issues can’t go into details right now.


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