Ford Conducts Second Recall for a Ranger Transmission Issue

May 16, 2019 by Alan Adler, @AlanAdler

Ford Motor Co. is recalling the 2019 Ford Ranger to tighten a loose transmission shift cable that could allow the pickup trucks to roll away and crash.

The 2,760 affected trucks have two fasteners that secure the transmission shift cable bracket to the housing. The bracket needs tightening, Ford said.  About 2,500 trucks are in the U.S. The rest are in Canada.

Over time, the cable bracket could loosen, moving the transmission to a gear other than what the driver selected. A driver then could remove the key without the truck being in park. The truck could roll away and crash if the parking brake was not set.

Ford said it is unaware of any accidents or injuries. Owners should set the emergency brake whenever the truck is parked, the company said.

Dealers will tighten the two fasteners and make sure the transmission selector assembly shows the correct gear.

This is the second transmission-related recall for the Ranger. Ford recalled about 3,500 Rangers in February due to a wiring defect that could allow the transmission to shift out of park when the vehicle was off and the driver’s foot was not on the brake pedal.

The Ranger returned to a crowded midsize pickup segment this year after an eight-year absence. The segment is among the fastest-growing in the auto industry.

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