The Best States for #Vanlifers to Live In

September 10, 2019 by Amanda Ellis, @WanderRedFox

With more millennials taking to life on the road, Satellite Internet recently ranked the top U.S. states for living the #vanlife. Its report compared gas prices, weather, cost of living, outdoor recreation access and the percentage of public land in each state.

People are adopting #vanlife in lieu of mortgages and local jobs for some valid reasons: the increasing cost of living, widespread advances in technology, easy Internet access and more remote career opportunities. Over 25 percent of #vanlifers are self-employed or work re-motely.

Social media glamorizes the lifestyle, but this popularity is creating challenges for #vanlifers. Many city governments are enacting ordinances that prohibit vehicular living.

Except for West Virginia, only Western and Southern states made the 10-best list. This is likely due to a higher prevalence of public land and lower population density.

WHO’S NO. 1?

Wyoming ranks as the No. 1 best state for #vanlifers. The most recent U.S. census reports that Wyoming’s population per square mile is 5.8 people, the lowest in the contiguous U.S. The state is home to many national parks and forests, which are ideal sites for parking a van. Aside from its touristy areas, Wyoming’s cost of living is low.

Other top-ranked Western states are New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. All are among the lowest 10 states ranked by population density. The best Southern states for #vanlifers include Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. The cost of living is low in all of these.


West Virginia is the eastern outlier, but it’s clear why it made the list. The state is extremely scenic and comprises many parks and public lands. According to the Division of Natural Resources, 11 percent of West Virginia’s 15.5 million acres of land is publicly owned and con-served for outdoor recreation purposes.


Here, in order, are the 10 states Satellite Internet says to consider if you’re thinking of packing up and pursuing the #vanlife:
1. Wyoming
2. New Mexico
3. Nevada
4. Utah
5. Arkansas
6. West Virginia
7. Florida
8. Mississippi
9. Idaho
10. Alabama

Amanda Ellis June 3, 2019
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