2019 LA Auto Show: VW Shows Futuristic ID. Space Vizzion Electric Crossover

November 20, 2019 by Sebastian Blanco, @SebastianBlanco

Volkswagen unveiled its ID. Space Vizzion, an all-electric concept vehicle, at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday. It’s likely to morph into a crossover by the time it reaches the U.S. market.

The futuristic Space Vizzion is a long-range, aerodynamic concept EV that previews a potential production EV for Europe and North America in 2022.

VW is using the ID. Space Vizzion concept to determine the kind of shape its upcoming larger SUV-ish production electric vehicle will look like, Scott Keogh, chief executive of Volkswagen Group of America, told Trucks.com.


“There are two things we can do. We can take this as is, which is relatively sleek. The second thing we can do is make the car dramatically more rugged. We can put on bigger wheels and raise the height a little bit,” to make it more like an electric version of Subaru’s Outback, Keogh said.

“What we love about this thing is that it’s optimized for crazy range, and this range in this size is, I think, a hell of a package,” He said.

VW might even make multiple versions of the Space Vizzion if the first one is a success.


Despite its status as a concept vehicle, VW outlined what would power the ID. Space Vizzion.  It would have an 82-kWh battery pack that provides a range of up to 300 miles.

If VW decides to go with one motor, it could be a 275 horsepower motor that produces 406 pound-feet of torque on the rear axle. Another option is a 355 horsepower, all-wheel-drive configuration that has a second, 101 horsepower motor that provides an additional 111 pound-feet of torque, VW said. That would give the vehicle a 0-60 mph time of 5 seconds and a top speed of 109 mph. VW would equip the ID with a 150 kW charging capacity that can charge the battery to 80 percent in around 30 minutes.

The ID. Space Vizzion rides on VW’s EV-specific MEB platform and has almost a 50:50 weight distribution. That’s expected to give the vehicle European sports sedan-like driving dynamics.


The exterior design emphasizes lighting and a white/dark contrast. A thin white strip of light runs between the LED matrix headlights. There are X-shaped turn signals in the back along with an illuminated red horizontal panel. The car also has illuminated digital lighting effects when it turns on or off. A black hood blends into the windshield and moonroof. The vehicle’s overall coefficient of drag is just 0.24. That makes it aerodynamic and helps with the range.

Inside the ID. Space Vizzion, VW has replaced a traditional driver’s cockpit with an augmented reality heads up display that takes the shape of a 15.6-inch touchscreen that appears to hover in mid-air. Either four or five seats can be arranged inside. They feature a fake leather called AppleSkin that’s made with leftover material from making apple juice, a proprietary process VW developed in house.

The light theme continues inside with an interactive light strip that runs between the A-pillars. It can be used to welcome the driver or provide alerts from the driver assistance systems or charge status. Infotainment system messages can also be displayed in the ID. light bar.


The ID. Space Vizzion is an EV that VW said blends the “design of a Gran Turismo with the spaciousness and versatility of an SUV.” But Keogh said the line between different vehicle segments is changing.

“I think people get very tied into classic segments,” he said. “But now, it’s ‘Does it check the boxes of what I want? Range, style, packaging, space?’ I think people are going to complain less that it’s not an SUV. That’ll start to go away with electric cars.” 

John O'Dell November 19, 2019
It will be close to a year before the first customer takes delivery of one of Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E electric crossovers, but the on-line order banks are open.

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