Our Evaluation of the AutoSock

No one looks forward to using snow chains. Though they improve traction on snow and ice, snow chains are bulky, difficult to install and reduce ride quality. Chains can also damage expensive wheels.

The AutoSock clings to the road even when it’s snowy or slippery. The AutoSock is flexible and very easy to install or remove. It can also be folded up nicely for storage. Check to make sure the AutoSock is a legal substitution for snow chains in your state. (AutoSock provides helpful information here.)

AutoSocks are clearly easier to store and install than chains (with no chance of scratching expensive wheels). Test drivers liked the AutoSock and felt it improved traction in the snow.

Step 1: Choose the Right Size

STEP 1: CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE: There are a wide variety of AutoSock styles. Find the size of the tires fitted to your vehicle, printed on the sidewall, to identify the AutoSock that will fit correctly. AutoSocks come in a pack of two. The company recommends fitting all four wheels.

Step 2: Install

STEP 2: INSTALL: Open the AutoSock and wrap half of the device over the top half of the tire. Then, roll the vehicle forward until you can wrap the other half of the AutoSock over the remaining tire section. Center the AutoSock as best you can, but it does not need to be perfect.

Step 3: Drive to Automatically Align

STEP 3: DRIVE TO AUTOMATICALLY ALIGN: If the AutoSock does not look like it is properly fitted, a short drive will self-align the AutoSock. Once the AutoSock is centered on the wheel it is ready to drive. As with chains, the AutoSock is not recommended for use on dry roads or at speeds above 30 mph.

Step 4: Remove

STEP 4: REMOVE: Reach over the top of the tire and pull the AutoSock back, using the orange straps if necessary. Once this has been done to each AutoSock, roll the vehicle forward to expose the rest of the AutoSock. It will fold up and fit back in its packaging for storage.

Test result: AutoSocks are recommended by Trucks.com

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