ATA Pushing for Big Driver, Infrastructure Changes in 2015

February 19, 2015 by Megan Headley

The ATA has set its sights big with its 2015 lobbying agenda. Among other items, it’s addressing:

  • Hours-of-service: While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration studies its delay of the 34-hour restart provision, ATA is lobbying for a long-term solution that doesn’t put “unnecessary restrictions” on drivers.
  • Minimum driver age: By pushing for a lower minimum driver age, with requirements for proper training, ATA hopes the industry can recruit entry-level workers away from competing industries.
  • Fuel tax increase: In a January letter to Congress, ATA noted that a fuel tax increase is the most viable long-term solution for fixing infrastructure neglect, as well as congestion costing freight trucks more than 141 million hours in wasted time.

If the American Trucking Associations puts the same energy into these efforts that it did into delaying the controversial hours-of-service rule in 2014, then the group will be on its way to solving the industry’s biggest problems … and possibly creating new challenges. After all, ATA’s VP Dave Osiecki admits, “Not every 18- or 19-year-old should be behind the wheel of a truck.”

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