Better Safety and Efficiency Tops 2015 Trucking Alliance Agenda

February 26, 2015 by Kate Halse

The Trucking Alliance’s 2015 agenda emphasizes ways in which the national trucking industry can increase its safety and efficiency. Some takeaways from this year’s agenda include requiring electronic logging devices in all commercial trucks, increasing the minimum liability insurance levels among trucking companies, and securing funding for commercial vehicle law enforcement.

Implementing a speed limiter mandate and pushing to require electronic logging devices to track driving hours are some of the agenda’s proposed ideas for achieving these objectives.

Another agenda goal is to determine whether it’s possible to lower the current age limit of 21 to 18 or 19 in an effort to employ younger drivers once they graduate from high school.

Trucking accidents result in thousands of deaths each year. Hopefully the 2015 Trucking Alliance agenda spurs meaningful solutions to help prevent such tragedies.

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