EpicVue In-Cab Satellite TV May Improve Life on the Road for Truckers

June 25, 2015 by Adam Luehrs

Trucking companies across the country are using advanced technologies to improve quality of life on the road for truck drivers. One incentive that fleet owners are offering is the in-cab satellite TV system by EpicVue. The premium entertainment service will eliminate many of the inconveniences truckers deal with regularly. To meet the objective of retaining drivers while reducing turnover rates, many companies are outfitting entire fleets with the satellite packages.

With the EpicVue system, truck drivers will feel less isolated and more at home while on the road. The on-board package includes a high-quality, 24-inch flat-screen TV, DVR receiver (with capacity to record 400 hours of programming), local-area antenna, and cab-mounted satellite dome. Drivers will receive more than 100 DIRECTV channels with the service, including premium movie channels and sports networks.

Truckers frequently spend weeks on the road and, with many common routes leading through remote areas, there isn’t much for drivers to do during breaks. Internet access is notoriously unpredictable at rest stops, and cell phone service is often unreliable. By providing EpicVue’s satellite service, transportation companies will give drivers a much-needed distraction during trucker down times, which in turn may keep drivers on their team. With the goal being employee loyalty, it’s a smart strategy that has long-term advantages.

Throughout the industry, trucking businesses are experiencing a shortage in drivers. Recruitment efforts cost money, so finding and signing professionals are problems on their own. Retaining employees is even more challenging. Life on the road isn’t necessarily appealing to many hiring prospects, so motivation is the key to keeping truckers satisfied. Installing EpicVue is a cost-effective way for fleet owners to entice drivers and solve the driver turnover issue. With a monthly subscription fee of under $60, the investment could quickly pay off.

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