Volvo Truck Sales in North America Up More Than 20% Year to Date

July 21, 2015 by Justin Stoltzfus, SjStoltz

The latest report from Volvo on truck sales in North America shows some improving numbers for sales year to date, compared to 2014.

With over 36,000 units sold by July of 2015, this year’s numbers are an improvement over last year, where totals for the first six months of the year were under 30,000. This year, March and June showed the biggest volumes, with sales of 6,051 and 6,315 units respectively.

Volvo is currently outselling its 2014 numbers in all of its markets, though the margin is much smaller. With total sales of 15,586 in July, the company just edged out its 2014 July sales mark of 15,410. As for the rest of the year, some are suggesting Volvo’s heavy-truck sales have “peaked” for the calendar year: 2014 numbers would support this conclusion, as spring and summer months were the best-selling times last year.

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