Moving Made “Scary Simple”: The Ghostruck App

October 01, 2015 by Gina Roberts-Grey

Can concierge moving revolutionize relocating and help professional movers fill empty space in their rigs? With the tagline of making moving “scary simple,” the Ghostruck app, available in select major cities including Boston, Denver, LA and Miami, is looking to disrupt the consumer moving industry.

To be a mover on the Ghostruck platform, a driver must have a valid license and proof of insurance coverage to protect customers in the event of damage, theft, etc. Movers must also be professionals with a HHG (household goods) license. Consumers range from buyers of a heavy appliance purchased on Craigslist or recent grads looking to move a couch from their grandma’s house to a first apartment. The app does have a few limitations: Ghostruck won’t transport any commercial items, organic material, or dirty items that could leave a mess in a truck.

Ghostruck Pricing

After downloading the app, consumers upload a mandatory photo of what they want to move (items cannot be moved without a photo being submitted prior to the quote process) and provide the pick-up and delivery address, time frame for the pick-up, and any additional information pertinent to the move.

The price is determined by the size and complexity of the item being moved, distance, and time frame. The more urgent the time frame, the higher the fee. The app calculates the price and handles payment via credit card when the job is booked. Additional charges that affect the move may be charged to the credit card on file once the move is complete.

Rates generally start around $60 and are typically much less than what a moving company would charge for the same service.

Mover-Customer Communication

Movers send a text message when they’re on the way and arrive within the three-hour window agreed upon by the consumer.

If you change your mind, you can cancel the move free of charge within 24 hours. Moves cancelled after that time frame will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee.

Movers won’t set up, unpack, or assemble items, but they will dispose of them. Customers who have items they simply want hauled away can select “Make It Disappear” as the delivery address and Ghostruck will donate or dispose of the goods for the price quoted.


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