10 Interesting Facts About Semi Trucks and 18-Wheelers

We’ve taken ten of the most interesting truck facts and compiled them into one handy little infographic for your viewing pleasure. Even if you already know all of these, we bet your friends and family don’t, so pass it along, spread the word, and keep on truckin’!

Ten Truck Facts

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  1. Faylinn

    My dad has been in the trucking business for about 30 years now, but I don’t think that I knew about most of these facts. I find it interesting that a semi truck’s engine can go 1 million miles before a rebuild. Yet, the average truck drives 140 billion miles a year. If both of those facts are true, then how often does the engine have to be rebuilt?

    • Steve

      I think they mean all semi trucks combined drive 140 billion miles a year smarty pants lol

    • john

      100000 miles a year is around the number a truck drives maby 150000 for some but that is alot of work with dot regulations a driver can run 2500 to 3500 miles per week

  2. Faylinn

    I had no idea that a trailer turning at more than a 45 degree angle is what creates a jacknife. This is concerning to me, because my dad is a truck driver and my worst fear is that happening to him as he could get hurt from doing that. However, does that fact remain true for every speed and road condition?

  3. royaltruckingofcanada

    Well you have good facts here and I appreciate the fact regarding the safety of people, as spreading awareness is the best method to help drivers drive safe. We at our company too provide our drivers with all Do’s and Dont’s so that they drive safe and return to their families safely as trucking is a dangerous task if not done with proper attention.


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