California Trucker Strike Gains Momentum

November 03, 2015 by Adam Luehrs

As reported earlier, the small port strike sparked by shipping companies that misclassified their employees has picked up speed. After a few workers protested the fact that their employers’ insistence on labeling them independent contractors was stripping them of rightful wages and essential workplace protections, others jumped into the fray.

James P. Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, added his union’s backing to the workers who initially protested in Long Beach and Los Angeles. While officials said that the first job action had little impact on shipping operations, the Teamsters’ support may have prompted additional workers to join the strike at other locations, although those additional strikes have since .

Union advocates and wronged workers aren’t the only ones lending their voices to the cause. Delegates of the Los Angeles City Council have also spoken out, with some even introducing a motion calling for prompt resolution and urging employers to follow labor laws.

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