White House OMB Releases Final Rule on Electronic Logging Devices

November 19, 2015 by Justin Stoltzfus, SjStoltz

A final rule on the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in the trucking industry has cleared the White House Office of Management and Budget and is headed for publication, possibly at the end of the month.

The law, which was originally proposed in January 2014, requires digital logging via ELDs to provide reliable and verifiable documentation of Hours of Service Regulations, to make sure that drivers are complying with existing operations laws.

Because the new rule would enforce safeguards against driver fatigue, it is popular with safety advocates and with government agencies like the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administation). It’s not nearly as popular with individual owner-operators, mainly because of the costs that would be involved. By some surveys, over half of all independent truck drivers have said they will retire if the rule passes and they are required to comply.

At the same time, some trade groups, such as the American Trucking Associations, are behind the idea of requiring ELD adoption.

Now, according to the Department of Transportation’s Nov. 15 report on significant rulemakings, the new law is on its way.

“We’ve been waiting on this rule forever: Where is it, why is it taking so long?” said American Trucking Associations Senior Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs Dave Osiecki at the 2015 Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference, at the beginning of November.

Look for the final rule on ELDs to be published later this year.

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