Top 10: What Truckers Want for Christmas

December 15, 2015 by Seth Sparks, @sethbsparks

When you ask a truck driver what they want for Christmas, you almost always get the same response: to be home.

The life of a driver is a tough one. There are no guarantees that you’ll have a particular day off, even as important a holiday as Christmas. Spending time with your family is a luxury, one that you appreciate doubly when your job consists of being apart from them for large chunks of time.

In Georgia, I talked to Jerome, John, and Amir, all of who hoped they could be home for Christmas. Granted, when pressed for a response, Amir also admitted he wouldn’t mind getting a new CD player, while Aaron (who you can find on Periscope @AarontheTrucker) is getting a new tattoo for Christmas. However, the overwhelming single response was a non-material gift, namely sharing the company of those that they love.

American consumers spend large sums of money in preparation for the biggest holiday of the year, and the great irony is that the people who are hauling these goods from manufacturer to retail stores, from retail stores to consumers, aren’t spending their time coveting the contents of their trailer; they’re concerned about getting back home safely to their families.

If you’re lucky enough to have the trucker in your life home for the holidays, then there are some items they might find useful while out on the road. We’ve put together a list of 10 gifts for truck drivers — but rest assured that the real gift is simply being at home with you this holiday season.

FitBit Heart Rate Monitor

What Truckers Want for Christmas

(Photo: Becky Stern/Flickr)

For the health-conscious trucker, the FitBit bracelet is a great way to stay motivated and keep track of how many calories are burned. Heart-rate monitors are invaluable for getting a maximum workout with a minimum amount of time.

Portable Workout Equipment

Resistance bands are small, effective tools to use in tight spaces — like a truck cab — and can be used in a variety of settings to help fit in the perfect workout.

Organizer/Truck Storage Systems

Since a cab is also a truck driver’s office, an organizer is the perfect way to keep papers and office materials in order.


What Truckers Want for Christmas: e-readers and Kindles

(Photo: Eduardo Quagliato/Flickr)

For heavy readers, there’s no better friend than an e-reading device, which allows you to carry numerous books without the bulk or even download a new must-read in seconds.


Hands-Free Devices

These items speak for themselves, allowing drivers to talk while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Satellite Radio

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, with talk radio, music, and sports providing entertainment for long hours of drive time. Some trucks might already be equipped with a satellite-ready device, meaning that all you’ll need to buy is a subscription.

Seat Cushions

Comfortable, back-supporting cushions are a no-brainer for those who spend most of their time behind a wheel.


These portable fridges/coolers eliminate the need for frequent stops and ensure that a driver always has a cold drink at the ready.

Electric Razor

A portable grooming device is key for someone who doesn’t always have the luxury of a hotel bathroom — and a classic electric razor never goes out of style.

Gift Cards

What Truckers Want for Christmas

(Photo: iStock)

Does the trucker in your life look forward to the next rest stop with a Starbucks? Do they already own every gadget that can fit in the tight space of a trailer cab? Then you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Plus, if a truck driver already owns a mobile device, you can send your gift electronically, without having to wait for your loved one’s next stop home.


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