Burning Man is an annual festival that celebrates art, music, and life, and in 2007 Brooklyn-based artist Mike Ross knew he wanted to build something special for it. Ross took two 18-wheeler tanker trucks and created a massive sculpture that was an incredible sight to behold, if these pictures are any indication.


Ryan Smith/Flickr)

The Big Rig Jig, as he named it, wasn't just an incredible spectacle of modern art; it was also an interactive exhibit that allowed festival-goers to climb through the tankers and emerge through a portal at the top. The rear axles of the upper tanker served as a viewing platform, forty-two feet in the air.


Ryan Smith/Flickr)

According to the Seattle Times, “Ross was inspired to make the truck sculpture by the traffic in his neighborhood, where 18-wheelers make him nervous about his jaywalking habit. Also, Ross said, he and his girlfriend have hitchhiked across the country with truck drivers.”


Ryan Smith/Flickr)


Ryan Smith/Flickr)


Ryan Smith/Flickr)


Ryan Smith/Flickr)

It's truly amazing what one man can do with a pair of old trucks and some imagination!

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