Jackass Moves That Infuriate Truck Drivers

January 26, 2016 by Carina Ockedahl, @Ockis9

It’s no secret that many drivers have an internal beef with truckers, but that relationship is by no means a one-way street. Regular motorists attempt plenty of utterly frustrating maneuvers that are guaranteed to irritate anyone behind the wheel of a motor carrier vehicle. Read our top three, then vote on which one irks you the most.

The Cut-Off-and-Slow-Down

Take this scenario for example: Trucker Jane is driving in the middle of a three-lane highway, when suddenly the car to her left speeds up and moves in front of her 20,000-pound-plus transport vehicle. The driver then proceeds to do what may be considered the world’s most frustrating move ever: He slows down.

Withholding a sudden urge to do more than make an obscene gesture is a normal reaction. After all, “slowing down is harder for trucks,” since they “can’t step on the brakes as hard,” Guy Lacasse, a transport trainer in Quebec City, Canada, and former truck driver for Entreprises de Transport JCG Inc., told TRUCKS.com. And aside from the safety issues and negative impact such a stop can have on both cargo and fuel consumption, the driver’s jerk move places Trucker Jane in an unpleasant position, as traffic will inevitably build up behind her.

Our suggestion to all motorists out there: Maintain your speed or steer clear!

Gimme Space!

There’s something to be said about impatient drivers and the hilarity of the situation they sometimes create for themselves. Let’s take this all-too-common example: Trucker Joe is trying to reverse out of a supermarket parking lot, when one or two cars cozy up to the truck (in an attempt to pass), not realizing that this very move is preventing the trucker from maneuvering.

If you’re tempted to get out of your truck and clap your hands in a sarcastic, bravo-style thank-you for this self-defeating move, you’re not alone. However, not everyone knows that Trucker Joe needs a time span of about two lights to back up and straighten out, explains Lacasse. And as vehicle operators well know, it’s a maneuver that may — heaven forbid — involve blocking all available lanes for a few minutes. Impatient drivers, whose survival clearly depends on being somewhere else stat, will move closer to the truck without realizing that such a maneuver will only prolong their wait to get home in time to watch American Idol.

“Give us space, be patient,” Lacasse says. And, drivers, make sure to set your DVR before you leave the house.

The Left-Lane Lollygag

Some drivers still don’t understand the use of the left lane. For those who’ve forgotten, it’s for passing and faster vehicles — not for trying to assess the last time the median’s been mowed. Since you should never, ever pass another vehicle on the right (you’d never do that now, would you?), and it’s particularly dangerous for a truck to do so, there’s no way for a trucker to pass a slow-moving vehicle in the far-left lane. Not only do these unthinking slowpokes wear a trucker’s last nerves, they’re also creating an unsafe situation for all vehicles on the road. These drivers are so persistent and so pernicious that they’ve inspired LeftLaneDrivers.org, a website intent on spreading the good word about the proper use of the once beloved “fast lane.” The site even sells reverse-writing decals that can be read by the dilly-dallier in their rearview mirror.

Vote below on the maneuver that peeves you the most, or add one that we missed.

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