Burning Man Truck is now a Disco-on-Wheels

Burning Man is an annual gathering of more than 60,000 people, who come together to create art, music, and community. The event takes place at Black Rock City, Nevada, a city that is created entirely for the event, and then subsequently destroyed once it’s over. The Space Cowboys, a San Francisco art and music collective founded at Burning Man, wanted to create the first off-road sound system to spread music and good vibes to others at Burning Man, and hence “The Mog” was born.

The Mog is a 1973 Mercedes UNIMOG that has been converted into an ATAVAV, or what the founders like to call an “All-Terrain Audio Visual Assault Vehicle.” And it really is just that; with 4-wheel drive, a six-speed transmission, eight custom-built 21″ Neo-Drive sub-woofers, on-board LED lighting, and multiple plasma TVs on the sides, this roving fun-unit is designed to stimulate all your senses.

Take a look through the gallery to see this party-on-wheels: