Spy Shots Discover 2018 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck to Resemble Super Duty

We caught the 2018 Ford F-150 on the road, looking ever more like its Super Duty big brother.

America’s bestselling vehicle will get some cosmetic changes to keep it fresh and visually interesting as its tech gets updated underneath. The grille appears to emulate the Super Duty two-bar design, and we fully expect the rest of the front end to follow suit. The tailgate also gets a redesign, with a new handle, and a more subdued look without a visible crease.

By the time the face-lifted model appears in the 2018 model year, many F-150 models should be offered with the 10-speed automatic developed jointly with GM and headed first for the Raptor.

A revised “Ecoboost” turbocharged V6 engine should provide more power and efficiency than before as Ford continues to seek fuel-economy gains for its big truck. A V6 diesel also is expected in time for the face-lift, although the planned gas-electric hybrid version may be further off.

Expect to see the revised F-150 next year, on sale by 2018

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Editor’s note: Photos and story by Brian Williams for Trucks.com.


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