1 Million Ram Pickup Trucks, Dodge SUVs Face NHTSA Roll-Away Probe

December 20, 2016 by Jerry Hirsch, @Jerryhirsch

Federal safety regulators are investigating complaints that Ram 1500 pickup trucks and Dodge Durango sport-utility vehicles have rolled away after being parked.

The probe is looking at whether there is a defect that could potentially affect 1 million vehicles from the two brands, which are divisions of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are looking at Ram 1500 pickups from the 2013 through 2016 model years and Dodge Durangos from the 2014 through 2016 model years.

The also said they are looking at a similar problem in Land Rover Evoque SUVs from the 2012 through 2014 model years and  2013 model year Jaguar XF cars.

The agency said it has received 43 complaints of Ram and Dodge vehicles rolling away after they were parked. Nine injuries and 25 crashes have been blamed on the problem, according to the NHTSA report.

NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation said the vehicles are equipped with an electronically shifted transmission and electronic rotary control for driver gear selections.

“The reports alleged that the unintended motion occurred after the driver moved the transmission gear selector to Park and exited the vehicle,” NHTSA said. “Thirty-four of the reports alleged that the vehicle was moving while the shifter indicated that it was in the park position.”

Safety regulators noted that none of the reports indicated that the parking brake on the vehicles was engaged at the time of the roll-away incident and warned drivers to always apply the parking brake to prevent vehicle roll-away.

FCA said in a statement that it is cooperating “fully with NHTSA’s investigation.”

The automaker said the scope is limited and does not include its other vehicles equipped with rotary shifters are not included.

FCA said it “joins NHTSA in urging all drivers to use their vehicles’ parking brakes.”

NHTSA said it has reports of 7 crashes and 4 injuries with the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Those brands are owned by Jaguar Land Rover, a British  car manufacturer  and are not part of FCA.


12 Responses

  1. Thomas Bartley

    Would like to find a truck without it having 4 doors, tired of looking at cars with a truck bed on it.

  2. Shawn Chesebro

    I was recently run over by my own 2016 dodge ram rebel. When I reach the vehicle after being knocked to the ground and injured it still showed in park over 100 feet away. It did not roll freely it went into reverse although it showed park. I did not have the emergency brake in use.

  3. Dee

    We rented a Ram 1500 and it rolled while in park and I injured my knee trying to get in to stop the vehicle. Need a lawyer or class action lawsuit to join on this.

  4. cass

    so do we turn in our truck for a different vehicle i pay close to 500 a minth and i have three kids i cant imagine anytihng happening to my babies…so do we act now or wait for someone else to get hurt i think yall should get a move and make the call mail the letter whatever it is you all have to do to let us loyal dogde ram customers know when we can act

  5. Dennis

    My 2015 ram rolled away while in park with the motor running and door open. $10K in damage to the truck Camper that the truck backed itself into was totaled another $25K and 2 people inside the camper were injured. When I think of what could have happened vs what did happen these trucks are dangerous and need to be recalled before someone is killed.

  6. gil

    My 2014 Dodge Ram Bighorn 1500 2 wheel drive rolled away with the vehicle in park and running I was able to stop it before hit any of the other vehicles in the parking lot.

  7. Jon

    I have a 2012 and I noticed that if i park even on a slight hill the truck is rolling forward. Is there a recall or anything?

  8. Michael

    I am leasing a 2016 RAM Laredo 1500; 4×4, 5.7 Hemi, 3:21 differential. Parked it in gravel lot having slight grade (slope); no ice or snow. Exited vehicle and went to rear to remove ski gear when the truck suddenly began rolling (forward/down the grade). Only rolled about 10-12 inches. I opened door to make sure I had placed the vehicle in park; I had. Now I’m very concerned about parking truck on any incline: Dangerous! It could roll and pin someone between another vehicle or wall. Will always use parking brake when parking on incline. Surprised that this reported problem has gone unattended to. RAM needs to fix this…NOW! I will report this to my dealer asap; Am I supposed to contact NHTSA?

  9. Andrew Lyngen

    I have a video from my incident. It didn’t “roll” up into the shop. It DROVE!!! I feel ignored by RAM. I want this corrected and properly compensated, including the business it has affected. So far, this feels like a lot of time wasted looking for assistance, responses, or support. I like my truck, but I have concerns for my family and friends when I have my truck running in their presence! What if I forget to “set the park brake”? Will their injury, property damage, or death be my fault?!

  10. Louis

    Ram 1500 bighorn ran into back of another truck after being parked with engine running behind the other truck for several minutes. Inches from crushing me. 2 other witnesses no help from fiat/Chrysler.

  11. Barry Carson

    I have a 2017 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel 700 miles. Stopped in the driveway which is a 6 % grade and took groceries in the house. Came out and truck drifted back 1 foot. I watched it do it a second time. There was some ice under driver wheel but the passenger side was on bare pavement.

    When I initially parked I did not turn dial to park before shutting off the ignition. The truck automatically switched to park.

    Can’t depend on Park on this vehicle.

    Temperature was 42 degrees

  12. ron skeeb

    My 2016 Ram 1500 Eco diesel with the rotary shift dial rolled away after I left it running with the shift selector in park. I know that I had the selector turned to park and it roll away and sideswipe several trees down both side and center punch another. Call customer service and they informed me that there had been no problems with this model and that I should take to my dealer to have checked. I did and they could not recreate the problem so the have told me the fix is to call the emergency brake a park brake and alway put it on when parked. I think there is definitely a problem with the rotary dial. I have been driving Chrysler products since 1958 and i would appreciate Ram doing something about this problem. I would prefer to have anything but the rotary dial.


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