Wrightspeed, AxleTech to Develop Regenerative Braking for Heavy-Duty Trucks

May 10, 2017 by Clarissa Hawes

Wrightspeed Inc. and AxleTech International are partnering to provide high power regenerative braking systems for heavy-duty range-extended electric vehicles.

Wrightspeed is a San Jose, Calif., manufacturer of heavy-duty range-extended electric vehicle powertrains headed by Ian Wright, a Tesla Inc. co-founder. Its heavy-duty EV customers include Mack Trucks and New Zealand Bus. AxleTech, of Troy, Mich., is a manufacturer of heavy-duty specialty drivetrains.

AxleTech will provide the axle with the custom housing to accommodate the larger, higher-power final drive gear for Wrightspeed’s Route REV powertrain, said Arlan Purdy, product manager at Wrightspeed.

“All electric vehicles offer some degree of regenerative braking, but Wrightspeed has exceptionally high power braking to virtually eliminate brake wear even in the demanding frequent-stop vehicle drive cycle,” Purdy said. “To accomplish regenerative braking, force must travel back through the drive axle, back through Wrightspeed’s proprietary gearbox, and into the electric motors.”

“Together AxleTech and Wrightspeed are providing spectacular technology to the market, and our partnership plays to our respective strengths,” said Jason Giles, business development manager at AxleTech.

The announcement comes as Wrightspeed taps experts from Tesla, Ford and Cummins to expand its supply chain team and provide its powertrain technology internationally.

Wrightspeed plans to work with AxleTech as a strategic partner to design and build additional gearbox components, Purdy said.

The custom axle-outfitted heavy-duty range-extended electric vehicle will be on display at the Mack Trucks booth on at the WasteExpo conference in New Orleans this week.

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