Nissan Pickups Miss Out on Automatic Emergency Braking Initiative

June 08, 2017 by Ryan ZumMallen, @Zoomy575M

Nissan Motor Corp. will bring automatic emergency braking to its best-selling models as standard equipment in 2018, but that doesn’t include its pickup trucks.

The automaker said Thursday that the 2018 Pathfinder, Murano, Rogue and Rogue Sport will all come standard with automatic emergency braking, or AEB. Smaller sedans such as the Maxima, Altima and Sentra will also be included.

The full-size Titan and Titan XD pickup trucks will not be part of the initial AEB rollout. However, Nissan plans to make them an important part of its safety strategy in the future.

“Over the next product cycles AEB will be incorporated, and that will include trucks,” said Dan Passe, spokesman for Nissan.

AEB is an automated safety technology that detects possible collisions and slows the vehicle on its own – in some cases, all the way down to a full stop. The proliferation of AEB could help reduce the rising number of traffic fatalities on U.S. roads today, said Charles Farmer, vice president of research at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Nissan’s move comes ahead of an agreement among twenty automakers to implement AEB as standard equipment on all passenger vehicles by 2022. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration arranged the agreement last year.

The 2018 Toyota Tundra will become the first pickup truck on the market with standard AEB when it goes on sale this summer. Nissan is intent on making sure the Titan and Titan XD are not far behind.

“Trucks are certainly part of the overall strategy and you’ll see it incorporated well in advance of the federal mandate,” Passe said.

Some of the models that will receive AEB as standard equipment in 2018 currently offer emergency braking in an available package. The newly-debuted 2017 Rogue Sport combines AEB with blind spot warning and other safety technology as a $2,280 package.

Nissan will effectively double the number of vehicles it offers with AEB. The company estimates it will sell 1 million model year 2018 vehicles with standard AEB.

Automakers have proven eager to introduce standard AEB ahead of the 2022 deadline.

Last year, Toyota and Lexus announced that nearly all their new vehicles will come standard with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) packages by the end of 2017. Honda and Acura are also beginning to include AEB as standard equipment across their lineups. Another major automaker told it intends to institute standard AEB through its lineup by the end of 2018.

“My guess is the marketplace is going to force everybody to do it so the government doesn’t have to mandate,” Egil Juliussen, a technology analyst at IHS Markit, told in April.

The highlighted vehicles are Nissan’s best-selling models, and all trims will receive standard AEB, said Michael Bunce, a vice president of Nissan. Standard AEB is already available on certain trims of other models, such as the Armada large SUV.

“This increased AEB availability is part of our ongoing commitment to help reduce fatalities while realizing our comprehensive vision of Nissan Intelligent Mobility,” Bunce said.

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