Daimler Trucks North America is recalling 1,550 Freightliner vehicles because the check valve may be missing from the air brake system, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The truck recall affects 2015-2017 M2 Business Class, 108SD, and 114SD trucks produced between Dec. 16, 2014 and Apr. 27.

These trucks may not have a required valve check installed. Lacking this component could cause a rapid loss of air pressure to both primary and secondary air systems. As a result, the vehicle could suddenly apply the parking brakes, increasing the risk of a collision.

“If the parking brakes are applied while traveling at highway speeds, without brake light application, there may be inadequate warning to the driver or other following vehicles, leading to a crash,” according to the recall report.

No crashes or injuries related to this issue have been reported.

To fix the problem, mechanics will inspect the affected vehicles and install the check valve if necessary.

The recall is expected to begin on Aug. 24.

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