Armored Security Vehicles Go Electric

August 03, 2017 by Clarissa Hawes

Cash management provider Brink’s has signed on with battery-electric truck maker Workhorse Group to power its armored security vehicles.

The company will purchase two electric vehicles for use in California and Chicago. Brink’s is looking to the startup to help add greener and more efficient vehicles to its fleet in the U.S.

The two Workhorse vehicles include a medium-duty E-100 all-electric truck and an E-GEN battery-electric extended-range step van.

The truck can achieve the electric equivalent of 37.5 mpg and can go an average of 100 miles on a single charge, depending on duty cycle. The van achieves a 30-mpg fuel efficiency equivalent with an average range of 60 miles. It runs an additional 60 miles using an integrated BMW gas engine range extender.

Workhorse electric trucks lessen impact on the environment, while breaking dependency on petroleum-based fuels,” said Steve Burns, chief executive of Workhorse, which is headquartered in Cincinnati.

The vehicles also save an average of $150,000 in total cost-of-ownership savings per truck, Burns said.

The two starter vehicles will be paired with a Brink’s custom body that features high-level security precautions, including bullet-proof glass for secure transportation.

Workhorse’s Metron fleet management software will be onboard to report the vehicles’ location and condition to fleet managers.

The vehicles will also be able to withstand a fair amount of weight.

“With more than 9,000 pounds of useable payload, they can make our vehicles work for them with the heavier body,” Hughes told “When Workhorse launches our 23,500 [gross vehicle weight rating] version, it will offer all of the payload needed for broad deployment.”

The vehicles will also be equipped with Panasonic Li-Ion battery packs for additional battery range and regenerative braking capabilities. The vehicles will include Workhorse’s proprietary chassis design, powertrain and battery management system.

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