Cummins Outlines Future Plan at NA Commercial Vehicle Show

September 26, 2017 by Clarissa Hawes

Cummins Inc. will pair its X12 and X15 diesel engines with the Endurant transmission, the first collaborative effort of the newly-formed Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, the company said Monday at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta.

The Endurant is more than 100 pounds lighter than competing transmissions, and 200 pounds lighter than Eaton’s Fuller Advantage Series transmission, Cummins said.

“Cummins is shaping the future of power solutions,” said Brett Merritt, executive director, on-highway business at Cummins. “We know that innovation is the key to our success.”

The 98-year-old company also displayed its prototype Class 7 “urban hauler” electric tractor, known as the AEOS. Cummins developed a state-of-the art battery pack offering “redefined energy-efficiency and densities for the electric vehicle market.”

The Cummins AEOS Concept Electric trucks on display at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta

The Cummins AEOS Concept Electric trucks on display at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta (Photo: Brian Hadden/

The truck has a range of 100 miles with a single battery pack, but can add two additional battery packs for a range of up to 300 miles.

“The lighter, denser battery design allows it to hold a longer charge for improved range and faster charging, maximizing drive time,” the company said.

The prototype electric tractor also includes a range-extended option that utilizes the Cummins B4.5 or B6.7 engines, with a range up to 600 miles. These engine options provide a 50 percent fuel savings, compared to current diesel hybrids with zero emissions, Cummins said.

The company, headquartered in Columbus, Ind., has approximately 55,000 employees in 190 countries.

Cummins also released more details about its next product launch, the heavy-duty 15-liter engine, slated for 2022 in the Class 8 market. The company said the new engine will be “smaller, lighter and more efficient than today’s engines.”

“We want our customers and all users of our products to clearly understand that Cummins brings diversified, dependable technology solutions to our customers at the right time to power their success – always,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, president of engine business at Cummins. “Cummins is prepared to help them be successful now and in the future by offering them powertrain choices that maximize efficiency and reduce costs.”

Cummins said its focus will remain on diesel engines “for decades to come.” The company said it powers 33 percent of the heavy-duty truck market and nearly 80 percent of the medium-duty truck market.

Cummins Westport, the company’s alternative fuel arm, also showed its latest Near-Zero natural gas engines which have little to no emissions. The engines include the L9N and ISX12N, which offer a 90 percent reduction in NOx emissions.

“We live in a world where the technology is ever-changing,” Padmanabhan said. “When the industry changes or the technology changes that is when we deliver. And when we deliver, our customers win in a big way.”

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