Ford Recalls 1.3 million F-Series Trucks to Fix Faulty Door Latches

October 18, 2017 by Jerry Hirsch, @Jerryhirsch

Ford Motor Co. said it will recall 1.3 million recent model year F-Series trucks in a move that will cost the automaker $267 million.

The recall of the 2015-17 F-150 and 2017 Super Duty trucks in North America was launched to add a water shield to side door latches on the vehicles.

The fix is designed to prevent doors from not opening or closing properly. Some of the trucks are prone to having a door latch freeze in cold weather or a bent or kinked actuation cable that interferes with the door’s operation.

When that happens, a door may appear closed, but the latch might not be engaged, creating the risk that the door could open while driving.

Ford said is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

Dealers will install water shields over the door latches and inspect and repair the door latch actuation cables.

The recall involves 1,344,605 vehicles in North America, including 1,101,107 in the United States and federalized territories, 222,408 in Canada and 21,090 in Mexico.

The recall of the trucks, Ford’s best-selling and most profitable model line, is so big that the company made a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission informing investors that it will have an expense of $267 million, which will be reflected the company’s fourth quarter 2017 financial results.

Through the first nine months of 2017 the Ford F-Series was the top-selling vehicle in the U.S. with sales of more than 658,636 trucks, a 10.6 percent jump compared with the same period last year, according to industry research firm Autodata Corp.

Although the F-Series roots are as a work truck, Ford has been pushing the vehicle line upscale. The Limited trim has been available on the light-duty F-150 since 2015 and will now be offered on F-250, F-350 and F-450 pickups. It features a starting price of more than $80,000, easily the most expensive pickup truck model on the market. Selecting all options on the highest level F-450 Limited runs the total price up to $94,455.

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