Mack Trucks’ New Anthem Debuts as Huge Lego Set

January 25, 2018 by Sebastian Blanco, @SebastianBlanco

Moms take heed. The new Mack Anthem semi-truck is now available for kids ages 11 to 16.

The big rig is making its debut as a 2,595-piece Lego set. It will now be the fifth-largest set released in the Lego Technic category.

This is the first time a Lego set has been released at the same time as the actual product it represents, according to Mack Trucks, which is owned by Volvo Trucks. The Anthem launched last September and is Mack’s first total redesign of its on-highway truck since 2005.

Lego Technic sets are known for extreme attention to detail and several functional elements.

The model has front-axle steering and a 6-cylinder engine with working pistons. The cab’s doors open, revealing a detailed dashboard, adjustable seats and a bunk bed. The detachable trailer features a working crane and a loadable container.

The hood is adorned with the well-known Mack bulldog hood ornament. The piece comes in gold, which is exclusive to pricier Mack models built with an all-Mack powertrain.

Mack's signature bulldog hood ornament

Mack’s signature bulldog hood ornament. (Photo: Mack)

There is an alternative way to build the Legos into Mack’s LR front-loader refuse truck.

To create the authentic design of a 32-inch long model, Lego designers spent time behind the wheel of both the Mack Anthem and LR models at the brand’s Greensboro, N.C., headquarters.

The $179.99 Technic set draws attention to the new semi-tractor, which competes with a new generation of more efficient tractors sporting up-to-date technology and safety features.

The real-life truck can be outfitted with a 455-horsepower, turbo-compound engine that recovers some of the waste energy that would normally be released through the exhaust pipe. It also uses Mack’s mDrive automated mechanical transmission found in 80 percent of the brand’s production.

Set built with the LR front-loader refuse truc

Set built with the LR front-loader refuse truck. (Photo: Mack)

Volvo Trucks has had other vehicles turned into Lego Technic sets, including its EW160E excavator and L350F wheel loader. Lego also featured sets that build unbranded semi-trucks.

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