Nissan’s Cool Smokin’ Titan Heats Up Work Truck Show

March 07, 2018 by Sebastian Blanco, @SebastianBlanco

The Nissan Smokin’ Titan kicks tailgating up quite a few notches.

The transformed 2018 Titan XD Gas King Cab made its debut at the Work Truck Show Wednesday, complete with lunch.

“This is the world’s first pickup truck with a built-in smoker and a fully mobile kitchen,” said Kevin Raftery, a Nissan spokesman.

The Lang BBQ custom smoker and char grill sits in a trailer towed behind the Titan. The trailer was crafted from the truck’s original bed and features a track system used to slide the smoker in and out. There are also two lockable boxes that serve as dry storage for the pellets or wood chips that flavor the meat. Concrete blocks on the hitch end to help balance out the weight of the smokers.

Nissan smokin Titan truck bqq

The trailer hauls a custom smoker and char grill that slides out for easy access. There also is dry storage for wood chips. (Photo: Sebastian Blanco/

Food smoking can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so the space between the tailer and the truck prevents any harm from the heat.

But that doesn’t mean every other inch of the truck isn’t completely outfitted to complement the trailer. A custom CM Truck Beds aluminum flatbed was added as a platform for three prep stations. Each feature its own Partner Steel aluminum double burner stove and a cutting board constructed of Brazilian wood. There also is an on-board sink and water storage system that can be interchanged with a 125-quart Yeti Cooler.

Nissan smokin Titan truck fridge

The custom flatbed on the Smokin’ Titan has space for three food prep stations that each include a double-burner stove and a cutting board. (Photo: Sebastian Blanco/

For additional cold storage, the floor of the Titan’s king cab has an ARB 50-quart fridge mounted on a slide for easy access. Even more over the top for big time flavor cravers, is a custom-built spice rack.

The Smokin’ Titan is the brainchild of Billy Hayes, who is the new head of Nissan truck and commercial vehicles. He also smokes his own meat. Celebrity chef Cory Bahr will put the the smoking and cooking features of the Smokin’ Titan to the test for the first time in Tennessee at the end of April.

While the Smokin’ Titan does drive, it remains a promotional vehicle and is not planned for sale. Still, “anything’s possible,” Raftery said. Nissan would not say how much the concept cost to make.

Nissan came close to selling 1.6 million vehicles in the U.S. in 2017, and “a lot of the growth was very much led by trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles,” said Wendy Orthman, a Nissan spokeswoman.

The Titan logged 20 consecutive months of year-over-year growth in February. Last year, Nissan sold 52,924 Titans, a 142 percent increase over 2016.

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