The Tipoon Travel Machine Triples its Size with the Push of Button

September 26, 2018 by Rick Stella, @RickStella

A rolling house on wheels, travel trailers offer the ultimate in comfortable camping. Whether they come in the form of a full-on Airstream trailer or a simple pop-up, there’s one on the market for just about anyone with a truck or SUV that can tow.

Tipoon, a small startup in France recently unveiled a trailer light enough to be hauled by a car or SUV and comes standard with a few remarkable features.

Called the Tipoon Travel Machine, the trailer starts out as a small pod-style trailer before expanding to triple its size at the press of a button. What starts out as something that appears capable of only hauling a few mountain bikes, quickly transforms into a spacious living area for up to four people. With 6 feet of headroom and a width of 10.5 feet, the Tipoon offers a surprising level of comfort.

  • Tipoon Travel Machine. (All photos: Tippon)

If that wasn’t enough, the interior is completely modular, allowing for a variety of arrangements depending on an owner’s intended use. When it’s time to sleep, the Tipoon features a king-size bed or the ability to pull out lower, smaller beds to create two separate sleeping arrangements. For eating, a table pulls out of the dresser located under the upper bed, featuring two bench-style cushions capable of sitting four people comfortably. Across from the upper bed and dresser is the trailer’s kitchen, outfit with a hot plate, sink, fridge, and countertop.

Forget using the Great Outdoors as a bathroom, too, as the trailer features a built-in bathroom that includes a toilet, shower, and sink — buyers even have the option of choosing between a dry or chemical toilet. Tipoon also allows for the choice of an upgraded thermoelectric or 50-liter compressor refrigerator. For stowing gear, the trailer packs plenty of storage options either underneath the dining room cushions or in the actual dresser itself.

When closed, the Tipoon measures a minuscule 5.5 feet tall by 5.5 feet wide, with a length of roughly 14 feet, depending on how long its trailer’s drawbar is. The startup also offers additional accessories such as LED lighting and a backup camera. For aesthetic purposes, there’s also an aluminum trim option available.

The final product comes in either blue (Kitoukat), tan (Beurfrai), green (Majestic), or white (Cremelai) and intends to retail for roughly $29,500. It’s unclear when the Tipoon Travel Machine will make its way to the United States but the company told that it’s currently taking international preorders. As of now, the brand is working on the technical standards for the U.S. version and building a dealer network.

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