The Lume Traveler No. 1 Brings Nature to Your Trailer’s Doorstep

October 16, 2018 by Rick Stella, @RickStella

Tent camping and travel trailer camping offer two wildly different experiences.

Tent campers spend most of their time outdoors while travel trailers essentially bring your home on the road. It’s not the poster child for roughing it.

A new trailer from the Dutch company Lume bridges the gap. Called the Lume Traveler No. 1, this compact yet functional trailer combines the luxury of trailer camping with the serenity and simplicity of being outside.

Measuring 6.5 feet wide by roughly 6.5 feet tall, the Traveler No. 1 is just under 17 feet in length (with its drawbar). Though this is a rather small interior, that was Lume founder Hein van de Laar’s goal from the beginning. He’s always had a dream “to enjoy outdoor life with the comfort of home; to sleep under the stars in a top-notch bed; [and] to cook outside with a full-fledged stove.”

In the Traveler No. 1, Van de Laar includes these very amenities. Featuring a double bed and a roof which offers a panoramic view of the sky (when fully opened), the trailer also boasts an outdoor kitchen with a stainless-steel countertop and two PITT gas burners. It also features a 40-liter fridge, five cabinets for storage and a gas connection capable of hooking up to a barbecue. There’s even a 100-watt solar panel, and the interior is finished in natural wool felt and leather.

  • (All photos: Lume)

Buyers also have the option of customizing their trailer. They’re able to pick between configurations like a polished or aluminum exterior finish; a teak, oak or linoleum floor; linen, leather or wood-paneled rear wall; or a full-wood furniture top. Lume even allows for the addition of mobile Wi-Fi, a 32-inch flat screen TV or Bose speakers. Once configured to their liking, a down payment of roughly $5,600 is required —which would be applied toward the final $52,765 price for the base model.

For now, the Lume Traveler No. 1 is only available to European customers (or anyone able to pick up the trailer at its showroom in the Netherlands. The brand told that U.S. customers interested in purchasing a Lume trailer could pre-order one to be delivered around late 2019 or early 2020. Lume hopes to launch a U.S.-specific pre-order landing page soon.

Lume also offers stripped-down versions of the No. 1 with its Basic and Shell trailers. The Basic is as it sounds. It is essentially the No. 1 but with only basic amenities and no add-ons. The Shell lets owners do with the interior as they please. Though it’s shipped completely bare inside, it still features the same quality exterior and interior construction.

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