The Roofnest Eagle Is a Good Hardshell Rooftop Camping Option

October 17, 2018 by Rick Stella, @RickStella

As rooftop tents continue to gain popularity, new versions hit the market each week, promising advancements in comfort, ease of use and affordability. Roofnest’s Eagle is a hard-shell pop-up tent that’s the company’s largest model to date, capable of comfortably sleeping two adults and one child.

Though similar to what’s already available, the Eagle has features that allow it to stand on its own. For instance, Rooftnest designed and manufactured an entirely new shell design that makes use of fiber-reinforced ABS, a material that’s both light in weight and durable. In the past, the brand’s tents were built of fiberglass.

On the inside, the tent’s pockets are completely customizable using a series of clips that allow them to move anywhere inside or outside the tent. Roofnest also updated the tent’s interior fabric lining to improve comfort and warmth. The Eagle’s new HDF foam mattress also rates more comfortably than prior Roofnest models.

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Other upgrades include full zip closures on each of the Eagle’s mesh doorways, helping keep unwanted insects (or other intruders) from getting inside. There are even larger windows on each side of the tent, allowing for an increase in airflow and natural light.

At just 135 pounds, the Eagle is light enough to attach to nearly any rack system that’s rated to carry more than 125 pounds. Additionally, Roofnest assures that no matter the compatible vehicle or rack system, the Eagle won’t damage or alter them in any way.

Roofnest’s new Eagle RTT is available for $2,695 and requires a $249 shipping fee to anywhere within the lower 48 states (and $399 shipping to Alaska or Hawaii).

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