Toyota Recalls Tacoma Pickups to Fix Brake Cylinder Defect

January 09, 2019 by Alan Adler, @AlanAdler

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling tens of thousands of 2018-19 Toyota Tacoma pickups because an improperly machined brake master cylinder could diminish braking performance and lead to a crash.

The recall affects 44,121 trucks built from Feb. 20 to Nov. 18, 2018. Toyota has temporarily halted sales of the affected models of the naton’s top-selling compact pickup.

Ninety percent of the recalled trucks are likely to have the problem, which can increase the stopping distance when a driver is braking.

Combination of processes

The brake master cylinder in those trucks was cast in a supplier’s Japanese facility and improperly machined in the U.S. No other vehicles were produced using the same combination of processes, Toyota said.

Toyota reported multiple warranty claims but no crashes or injuries to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Toyota sent letters to affected customers in December, telling them to contact a dealer. Dealers will replace the brake master cylinder for free beginning Jan. 21.

The NHTSA recall number is 18V-888.

Toyota sold 245,659 Tacoma models in 2018, the highest sales in the truck’s history, dating to 1995. It is the sales leader in a growing field of midsize pickups.

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  1. Ryan Padilla

    My 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD-Off Road was purchased new in October, 2018 at Crown Automotive in Lawrence, KS. January 23, 2019 my Tacoma exhibited brake failure, which resulted in a minor collision in my garage. Minimal cosmetic damage, “luckily”. Contacted Toyota the next day after learning about the recall of the master brake cylinder recall. My Tacoma was manufactured in August, 2018 which is between the months of the suspected recall for the manufactured trucks (Feb. 2018 – Nov. 2018), but Toyota stated my VIN is not associated with the recall. It was towed to the dealership the next day (01/24/2019) where it still sits. I am still waiting to hear from corporate after the inspection was conducted a month ago. The dealership provided me with a loaner vehicle, (Toyota Corolla) for a couple of weeks, but requested the car back and they have refused to provide me with a rental vehicle. (Still paying for my truck). The dealership stated their hands are tied since I went to corporate, but stated I could come get my truck?! However, they have no clue if it is safe to drive. Just frustrated about the process. I have observed other Toyota owner comments (on other articles), in which some have had their Toyotas held at dealerships for over 3 months. So I guess I am sitting pretty well. Definitely seeking out legal, and not waiting much longer. It is funny how the dealership states Toyota reliability and they were there to take care of me when buying a new truck (typical of a dealership), but now that they have their money they could care less about my situation (typical of a dealership).

    They have three options:
    1. Keep the truck until they figure it out and get me a new truck.
    2. Give me my money back.
    3. Fix what is broke, or if it is determined nothing is wrong, provide documentation that the truck has been inspected and is safe to operate and I will be on my way.


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