What Every Skier Needs to Keep in Their Vehicle

January 21, 2019 by Amanda Ellis, @WanderRedFox

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time vagabond, ski season means spending time in your vehicle—at least when commuting to and from the slopes.

Transporting your ski gear can be cumbersome without the right equipment, but ski gear is just one part of the equation. Having certain accessories on hand can enhance your experience, both on and off the mountain. We’ve compiled a list of essential gear every skier should keep in their vehicle.

Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Bag

Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Bag

(Photo: Kulkea)

Pulling on a pair of cold, stiff ski boots is difficult and often unpleasant. Kulkea’s Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Bag helps solve this problem by offering room to heat your boots, helmet, gear and apparel.

The Thermal Trekker keeps gear organized with nine equipment compartments, including a central compartment for gear, a helmet sling, heated side boot pockets and a front stash pocket for snacks and essentials. It also has a goggle wrap that holds and protects your lenses from damage.

It comes with a 120V wall plug and 12V car plug, and the heating element has three different settings. The Thermal Trekker can be purchased through Kulkea retailers for $240.

Dakine Nylon/Cork Brush

Dakine Nylon/Cork Brush

(Photo: Dakine)

Dakine’s nylon/cork brush is ideal for tuning your skis on the spot. The brush side is designed for wiping the base of your skis clean before waxing, while the cork side is used for buffing them out once waxing is complete.

The brush features soft nylon bristles and a 3.5-by-1.5-inch working area. The 4-by-2-inch cork surface smooths and buffs newly applied wax and serves as a handy tool in extremely cold conditions. The Dakine Nylon/Cork Brush retails for $10.

Duct Tape

Emergency repairs aren’t usually on your mind when you’re packing your car for the slopes, but do yourself a favor and keep duct tape in your car at all times. It’s the master of all-purpose emergency repairs, even if they are only temporary.

You can use duct tape on a wide range of equipment including boots, jackets and gloves. Some skiers even carry duct tape while skiing, but as cold weather can impact the adhesive quality, a warm car serves as the ideal place to perform quick gear repairs.

Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler

Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler

(Photo: Pelican)

A cooler is vital to prevent drinkable water from freezing and keep food fresh. Soft coolers are preferable due to their lack of movable components that may fail in harsh conditions and their general portability.

Pelican’s SC24 is a rugged and waterproof soft cooler capable of keeping ice for up to 48 hours. Its dual-strap latching system allows for quick access. It measures 17 inches wide by 10 inches deep by 13.5 inches tall, allowing it to be stashed in the back seat, on the front floor board or in the trunk.

It also features integrated bottle openers and comes with a removable shoulder strap. The Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler retails for $300.

Emergency & First Aid Kit

You can find plenty of premade first aid kits on the market, but the surefire way to ensure inclusion of winter- and ski-specific supplies is to make your own. Buy a solid, waterproof container so it won’t get wet or flattened under gear, making sure it has plenty of compartments for easy organization.

Be sure to restock your kit at the end of the season so it’s ready to go again the next year. Here’s a list of items skiers should consider keeping in their kit:

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