What Every Snowboarder Should Keep in Their Vehicle

January 23, 2019 by Amanda Ellis, @WanderRedFox

Serious snowboarders likely own the equipment needed for a day on the mountain, but might not put much thought into what to carry in their vehicles.

Whether you live out of a van or commute to and from the mountain, some accessories will make your snowboarding season more enjoyable and comfortable. Here’s a list of important gear every snowboarder should keep in their SUV or truck.

Arc’teryx Fission Gloves

To combat the unpleasant feeling of a cold steering wheel during your mountain commute, carry a pair of Arc’teryx Fission gloves. They feature PrimaLoft synthetic insulation, as well as a combination of breathable soft-shell stretch fabric and waterproof Gore-Tex XCR inserts.

Touch screen-compatible sensor pads on the thumbs and index fingers also allow for phone use while wearing. Arc’teryx Fission Gloves cost $190 a pair.

Skyroam Solis Mobile Hotspot and Powerbank

Staying connected while on the go can be a challenge, but is often a necessity – especially in the event of an emergency. The Skyroam Solis is a portable Wi-Fi hot spot that provides secure 4G LTE mobile WiFi anywhere in the world.

The company allows users to pay only for what they need, with no subscription required. One flat daily rate grants access to a 24-hour pass that gets unlimited internet anywhere. In addition, the Skyroam Solis features an embedded 6000 mAh powerbank capable of charging up to five devices simultaneously.

The Skyroam Solis offers up to 16 hours of Wi-Fi battery life. The device costs $150, the daily Wi-Fi fee is $9.

Dakine Torque Driver

The Dakine Torque Driver tool is designed for making on-the-go adjustments to snowboard bindings. The tool includes a 6-piece ratchet driver, No. 2 and No. 3 Phillips head screwdrivers, a No. 3 pozidrive, 3/32-inch hex, a ¼-inch flat head, an 8-millimeter wrench and a 10-millimeter wrench.

It’s small enough to carry in a car and, although it includes the standard bits needed for tuning a snowboard, it’s also compatible with bits that can be used on skis. The Dakine Torque Driver costs $11 and is offered in green or black.

goTenna Mesh

Traveling into the backcountry often means leaving cell service behind. The goTenna Mesh helps solve that problem by creating a mesh network capable of sending text messages and GPS coordinates to anyone in your group.

The device transmits signals via UHF frequencies that allow up to a 4-mile range in open areas and up to a half-mile range in more covered spots. Each package comes with two goTenna devices that are needed to create the mesh. The more devices in an area, the stronger (and farther) the connection will be.

The goTenna Mesh is available for $179 for two devices, $329 for four or $579 for eight.

Emergency & First-Aid Kit

Many ready-made first-aid and survival kits are available, but making your own snowboarding-specific version ensures nothing gets left behind. Store everything in an organized, waterproof container and restock it at the end of every season. Here are a few things snowboarders should consider keeping in their kits:

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