2019 Work Truck Show: Nissan Dealers to Sell Premodified Trucks

March 07, 2019 by Chad Kirchner

Nissan Trucks announced a collaboration Wednesday with Rocky Ridge Trucks to offer modified versions of the Frontier, Titan and Armada.

The customizations, announced Wednesday at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, are available now. Buyers can purchase trucks with the modifications in place or select them at a dealer.

This is the first time Nissan is offering a fully customized truck that can be financed with a new-vehicle loan. An Icon 3-inch suspension lift is available for the Titan; it’s covered by a five-year truck bumper-to-bumper warranty.

“Premodified trucks sell faster on dealership lots,” said a Mopar spokesperson to Trucks.com. Mopar is Ram’s in-house modification and accessory arm. Nissan’s collaboration with Rocky Ridge Trucks allows it to compete in that segment of the new-truck industry.

What’s available

Customizations all include lifts: 6 inches on Titan and Titan XD, 2 inches on Armada, amd 2.5 inches on the Frontier. After that customers can choose among customizations that include tires, skid plates, shocks, fog lights and more.

Nissan hopes the modifications might lure buyers away from other manufacturers. “Truck buyers are unique, and so are their trucks. And while truck buyers are the most brand-loyal automotive segment, consumers are willing to consider other brands if the product and value proposition is right,” said Fred DePerez, vice president of Nissan North American trucks.

  • Nissan Titan XD Rocky Ridge.4
  • Nissan Titan XD Rocky Ridge.1

Truck buyers go to the dealership, DePerez said, then take their trucks to a specialty upfitter for modifications. That can cause confusion regarding how to make repairs under warranty.

“We chose Rocky Ridge because they have some of the highest-quality parts out there,” DePerez told Trucks.com. “They were also willing to undergo the extra testing we require for crash safety, rollover protection and ride quality. These trucks drive like they don’t know their they’re lifted.”

Rocky Ridge modifications are available on the half-ton Titan, the up-sized Titan XD, the long-running Frontier midsize pickup truck and the off-road-capable Armada SUV.

The modified vehicles retain their factory warranty, and all Rocky Ridge components are covered under that same warranty.

Vehicles will be modified at Rocky Ridge’s facility. The trucks will likely be purchased by dealerships, then sold as customized, though a Nissan spokesperson said that a customer could go to a dealership and order the specific truck they want.

Buyers will be able to have customizations rolled into the price of a new truck and included in financing.

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  1. Geoffrey

    Which States with NISSAN dealerships are actively involved with or will be involved with Rocky Ridge modifications with the Frontier Models?


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