GM Recalls Chevy, GMC Heavy-Duty Pickups for Sticky Fuel Sensor

March 19, 2019 by Alan Adler, @AlanAdler

General Motors is recalling 2016-2018 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD trucks because a sticking fuel tank sensor may allow the auxiliary fuel tank to overflow, creating a fire risk.

The 18,574 recalled trucks were equipped with gasoline engines and dual fuel tanks. If the fuel-level sensor in the front fuel tank sticks in the low-level position, the rear tank may overfill the front tank, potentially causing it to expand.

It the expanded front tank were pierced by a moving drive shaft, a fuel leak could result. If leaked fuel encounters a potential ignition source, a fire could occur.

Customers may hear a grinding or knocking noise if an over-pressurized front fuel tank expands and contacts a moving drive shaft. A customer could avoid a potential fuel leak by using only the front fuel tank until the recall repair is completed.

About 1 percent of the recalled trucks are expected to have the issue. GM previously recalled 2011-2015 models for the same condition. GM began using a new low-pressure fuel pump in 2017, but decided to recall 2016-2018 models built before the new pump was used.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not indicate any fires associated with the recall.

GM will replace the rear-tank fuel pump module and inspect the front tank if necessary free of charge. Owners were mailed letters March 5 telling them of the defect. GM will send another letter when parts for the recall repairs are available.

The NHTSA recall number is 19V-088.

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