Autocar Trucks Shows First Regular-Cab Trash Hauler in 31 Years

May 08, 2019 by Alan Adler, @AlanAdler

Autocar Trucks is adding a fourth model to its brawny lineup of trucks used for tough jobs like picking up garbage. It is the first conventional-cab model in 31 years from the company that built America’s first truck in 1899.

Autocar unveiled the DC-64R diesel-powered truck this week at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas. Its chassis adapts for urban and off-highway and construction uses that could break a less-robust truck.

Waste-hauling customer suggestions led to the final truck design, which includes ultra-high-strength steel frame rails. They eliminate the need for frame liners in nearly every waste-hauling application, the company said.

“We could not have engineered a truck this good without all their feedback,” said James Johnson, Autocar Trucks president.


Autocar said the frames rails are 24 percent stronger and lighter than any competitor’s because they are made of ultra-high-strength steel. The weight savings translates into more payload.

Autocar Trucks DC-64R diesel-powered trash-hauling truck

The DC-64R has ultra-high-strength steel frame rails. (Photo: Autocar Trucks)

The DC-64R launches with a Cummins Inc. L-9 engine that gets up to 380 horsepower. Autocar is the first refuse truck to use Cummins’ X-12 engine, which weighs hundreds of pounds less than competitors’.

The new cab can hold a three-person crew. The raked windshield improves visibility. A steel structure supports the dashboard. Dash panels come from aluminum sheets. Aluminum interior door handles replace plastic “to withstand years of refuse abuse,” said Eric Schwartz, Autocar Trucks managing director.


An upgraded electrical system includes a one-touch diagnostic system that tells the operator or technician what fault occurred and how to fix it.

“Everything about this truck is designed to solve problems our customers have with other trucks,” Schwartz said.

The DC-64R joins the ACX and ACMD cabover trucks and the ACTT terminal tractor as Autocar’s fourth model line. The new truck is the first use of the DC designation since the sale of the Autocar DC premier severe-duty, diesel-powered truck in 1939.

The DC-64R goes into production late this summer in the Autocar Trucks plant in Birmingham, Ala.

Alan Adler May 7, 2019
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  1. Dale

    It’s an Autocar and it’s “off course.” Jimmy must have been looking at white line rather than the bottom line being the ugliest truck in the market. This is styling that should help the competition immensely.


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