Ram EcoDiesel Pickup Truck MPG Numbers Impressive But Not Tops

October 08, 2019 by Jerry Hirsch, @Jerryhirsch

How about driving 1,000 miles before needing to hit the gas station? That’s the pitch Ram is making for its 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck.

The automaker just received its EPA fuel economy rating. The agency has certified Ram’s half-ton EcoDiesel at 32 mpg in highway driving, 22 mpg in the city and 26 in combined driving. That’s for the rear-wheel-drive model. The Ram’s driving range exceeds 1,000 miles when paired with an optional 33-gallon fuel tank. 


Most people won’t be able to drive that far without making a stop. But Ram executives point out that the truck will be a top choice for towing. And anyone who has pulled a big boat or trailer knows the fewer the stops, the better.

“We know a lot about the diesel engine buyer – they are 23 percent more likely to tow on a regular basis compared to a light-duty gasoline buyer. And they don’t want to stop as often as they would need to with gasoline,” Mike Koval Jr., director – U.S. Ram brand product marketing, told Trucks.com.

The range also works for everyday driving.

“Can you imagine not having to fill up for an entire month?” Koval said.


Although the Ram’s fuel economy is impressive compared to the traditional full-size pickup truck, it’s not top in its class. That honor belongs to the two-wheel-drive Chevrolet Silverado turbodiesel. The EPA rated the Chevy pickup rated at 23 mpg in city driving, 33 on the highway and 27 in combined driving. The two-wheel-drive Ford F-150 turbodiesel comes in third at 22 mpg in city driving, 30 on the highway and 25 in combined driving. Both the Chevrolet and the Ford use 10-speed transmissions.

The Chevrolet also has better city and combined fuel economy when comparing four-wheel-drive models. Ram ties it at 29 mpg for highway driving. The four-wheel-drive mpg numbers are important to the market. That segment makes up more than 80 percent of the U.S. full-size truck market.


But Ram believes it has a leg up on the Chevy despite not quite matching the Silverado’s fuel economy numbers. The 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Tradesman Quad Cab starts at $38,585, including the destination fee. Tradesman Quad Cab 2WD

 The Silverado 1500 Duramax turbodiesel double cab starts at $45,200, including the destination fee.

 “That’s one of the competitive advantages we feel Ram has in the marketplace,” Koval said. “Ram will offer the EcoDiesel option across the entire model lineup – no exclusions – from our entry-level Tradesman model up to our Limited premium model.”


 Ram, a division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, believes diesel engines are an attractive market in the U.S. FCA also is launching a diesel version of its Wrangler SUV. Ram has diesel heavy-duty pickup trucks.

 “Ram sees a future for diesel powertrains in the U.S. We believe diesel is a foundational powertrain, here not only in the U.S. but across North America,” Koval said. “That’s been underscored by the fact that competitors have recently begun bringing diesel variants into the market. 

 The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine used in the Ram is produced at the FCA Cento facility in Ferrara, Italy.

Jerry Hirsch August 20, 2019
The first drive of the 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup demonstrates its top-notch driving dynamics and towing might.

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  1. Gregory Faulkner

    What happened to the pickup truck main use being as it’s name applies; used for picking up things; aka hauling. Basically any vehicle that is rear drive and has a long wheel base for leverage can be designed to be a major towing vehicle; but only a pickup tuck can haul tall items without the need of a trailer. But GM feels so strongly that anyone who wants exceptional fuel economy in a pickup truck must also tow that they won’t sell a mid size or a half ton full size without forcing their customers to accept high tech towing features in rather low powered diesel alternative power trains.

    Any way you look at this, a sub 300 horsepower diesel for $38,500 that’s sole purpose is to offer the capability of a half ton truck and still save money in fuel makes much more sense than a $47K luxury truck that does the same thing but can fuel savings can never be made up when you must spend $8K more for convenience and tech that no one needs for a turck to do truck work. If you build a GM branded half ton diesel online, you can not get one for $45K as reported here. The required packages needed, added to the already expensive minimum LT trim, raises the minimum starting, delivered price over $47K. The media keeps believing lying GM marketers on pricing deception that does not come close to the truth.


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