Deanna Isaacs

Deanna Isaacs is a Seattle-based automotive reporter. Prior to becoming an automotive reporter, Isaacs was an award-winning local newspaper reporter. She can be found on Twitter: @Deanna_Isaacs.

My Articles

Volvo’s hybrid concept long-haul truck
March 02
Volvo Trucks announced a new hybrid big-rig...
Purdue students work on cummins engines
February 22
Purdue University researchers — aided by trucking...
truck parking interstate 5 California
February 15
Finding safe truck parking has been a challenge for the...
Peloton platooning trucks and fuel savings
January 06
Level 1 truck platooning, driver assistive technologies,...
December 13
The LeMay-America’s Car Museum is celebrating early 20th...
Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
November 18
The LA Auto Show demonstrated the newest trucks, SUVs and...