Seth Sparks

Seth Sparks is a freelance writer out of Nashville, Tennessee. He earned his B.A. in print journalism from the University of Kentucky. He can be found on Twitter: @sethbsparks.

My Articles

Steve Burns, chief executive of Workhorse Group Inc. with HorseFly delivery drone.
May 05
Workhorse Group Chief Executive Steve Burns explains his...
Mack Diesel Electric Hybrid Heavy Duty Truck
May 04
California air quality agencies will pour $23.6 million...
Roush Clean Tech White Truck
May 03
Roush CleanTech installs propane autogas fuel systems in...
2017 Black NIssan Titan XD Pickup Truck
April 29
Nissan is hoping a less-expensive, gas-powered Titan XD...
Osborn & Son Shipping Truck Tonnage
April 20
The decrease in the truck tonnage index comes after a...
“SuperTruck” tractor-trailer concept
April 03
A business coalition that includes General Mills,...