Tiffany Hsu

Tiffany Hsu is a Manhattan-based journalist and former contributing editor. Hsu now works for the New York Times. She can be found on Twitter: @tiffkhsu.

My Articles

Platooning big rigs.
May 04
Panelists at the ACT Expo in Long Beach say the economic...
Heavy duty trucks emissions on the highway
May 04
Executives from Navistar, Daimler, Kenworth, Mack and...
Workhorse Group's W-15 electric pickup with extended range. (Photo: Carly Schaffner/
May 02
Workhorse Group, which just unveiled its W-15 electric...
Hyperloop One test track in the Nevada desert.
May 01
Hyperloop projects proposed recently in the Middle East,...
Peloton test vehicles demonstrating platooning on a highway.
April 13
Mountain View platooning startup Peloton wins $60 million...
Depiction of what Waymo's autonomous vehicle sees on the highway.
April 13
Commercial vehicles aren’t the only mode of...