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How to Become the Healthiest Trucker on 18 Wheels
February 27
By implementing these helpful tips into your daily...
Federal Oversight of Teamsters to End in 5 Years
February 18
A federal judge approved a settlement that will...
New Truck Stability Control Rule Awaits Stamp of Approval From the White House
February 12
The NHTSA has designed a rule that will require all new...
California Truckers Win $2MM Lawsuit
February 11
Over the past few years, truckers moving goods in ports...
5 Reasons The Trucking Industry Is Experiencing a Shortage of Drivers
February 10
Trucking is a vital aspect of the U.S. economy and a...
Truck-Involved Fatalities Drop 39.2% Over Past Decade
February 04
The ATA has released a study that shows a 1.6-percent drop...