Our Evaluation of the 1Up Heavy Duty Double Bike Rack

How to easily secure and carry multiple bicycles. Riders may have difficulty with roof racks because they require lifting the bicycle high up in the air. Mount a lightweight rack to the vehicle’s hitch receiver to carry multiple bikes.

The hitch-mounted 1Up Heavy Duty Double weighs less than competing bike racks and carries two bicycles at a time.

The 1Up Heavy Duty Double makes securing bicycles simple and stress free. The rack is easy to mount to a standard hitch receiver. Its structural components are made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, making it more durable and rigid than plastic racks.

Step 1: Hitch Up

At 46 pounds, 1Up is easy to lift and fit into the hitch receiver. When the 1Up connects to the hitch a small ball slides into place to prevent slippage, instead of the traditional connecting pin. There is also a proprietary wrench that locks the rack and space to insert a lock.

Step 2: Pull Down

Once mounted, pull the black bar on the underside of the rack to move the 1Up from an upright position to a flat tray, or even angled away from the vehicle to access the hatch. Screw the small cap against the black bar to lock it.

Step 3: Mount the Bikes

Once the tray is flat, pull up on the small red levers to release the rack’s arms and fold them out. The 1Up Heavy Duty bike rack fits tires up to 3.1 inches wide. There is an available adapter to fit larger tires if necessary.

Step 4: Strap In

When the bike is in, fold the arms in and the red levers will lock.

Test result: The 1Up Heavy Duty Double Bike Rack is Recommended by Trucks.com.

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